The TS4 Series Temperature Controllers - one of the most cost effective temperature controlling solution with PID functions; Dual display 4 Digit, 100ms high speed sampling has both SSR output and rel...>>Detail
TCR series intelligent digital display temperature controller has self-tuning function and support RS485 communication intelligent large character digital display temperature controller. This series o...>>Detail
The instrument contains 32 functions, such as single delay, double delay, tired time, frequency, speed, four-digit count, eight-digit count, etc., with various working modes of relays, which fully mee...>>Detail
Digital Timers, Analog Timers, Star-Delta Timer, Staircase delay timer from NIETZ, we have the product to meet your requirements.
Solid state relay with heat sink The optimal heat sink design helped to reduce the size of this solid state relay for easy maintenance. SRH can be DIN rail mounted or screwed.
The switches are compact, rugged and specifically created to power the industrial control and instrumentation devices and equipment. These switches, with high reliability and quality. They also offer ...>>Detail
Signal lights are frequently used in industrial settings to offer visual and audio status indication of control processes and applications.
Compact pressure transmitter combined with all the latest available technologies of the modern electronic pressure measurement fields. The sensor adopts full-automatic linear and temperature compensat...>>Detail
The RTD's sensor and thermocouples, Armored Thermocouple provide accurate temperature sensing for standard as well as challenging environments, special applications and special mounting requirements.
We provide customers with various product lines and specifications, including proximity switches, photoelectric switches, ranging sensors, process control and others. The technical performance of each...>>Detail
NIETZ provides rotary incremental, absolute encoders and magnetic encoders used for motion feedback. Our encoders are available worldwide to qualified OEMs by distributors sales network of electrical,...>>Detail
Normally open contact: It is commonly used to monitor the fan filter, heat exchanger or close the circuit to output signals when the thermostats exceeds the set value Normally closed contact: It is...>>Detail
Crane Pendant, Hoist Pendant, Lift and Platform, Push Button Pendant Station, Pendant Switch, Hoist Pendant Station with 2 and 3 operators for single & two-speed action, pistol grip, emergency stop, h...>>Detail
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