Product Name:Inductive & Capacitance Proximity Switches
Category:Sensor, Meter, Controller & Instrumets
We provide customers with various product lines and specifications, including proximity switches, photoelectric switches, ranging sensors, process control and others. The technical performance of each product is leading in the industry, and many of the series products can be replace other brands. With flexible and diversified system configuration, stable and safe operation, timely and professional services, NIETZ is committed to creating ideal industrial measurement and control products and solutions for customers.

Capacitive Sensors can detect non-metallic objects stably, such as plastic, wood, liquid, paper, etc. Moreover, different materials in the container can also be detected through non-metallic pipe walls; Electromagnetic, water mist, dust, oil, etc. have little effect on their normal operation, and the sensor has outstanding anti-interference ability. In addition, the potentiometer's sensitivity can be adjusted flexibly, product size is diverse, with special functions such as enhanced long-distance, on-delay and off-delay function, etc., which can meet the diversified requirements of customers, and the application is more extensive.
Inductive Sensors has the advantages of high measurement accuracy and high response frequency. Non-contact position detection has no wear on the surface of the target object, with high reliability; Clearly visible indicator makes it easier to judge the working state of the switch;  With more stable performance; Short circuit protection and polarity protection; Able to carry out various limit, counting control, with wider application range; Rich product line is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, such as high temperature, high voltage, wide voltage and so on.

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