Product Name:NL1000 Series – Micro Simple Inverter
Category:Frequency Inverter
- Micro-compact, Low cost;
- V/F control; Built-in PID control, output frequency range 0.1~400 Hz;
- Extreme compact size saves installation space;
- DIN-rail mounting and wall mounting speed up installation;
- Terminals uncovered, easy for wiring;
- Standard supports MODBUS via RS485, Maintenance-free;

Input voltage,V
Power range, кW
0.4 - 2.2
380 0.75 - 110

Technical Features NL1000

Items  specification
Control  Specifications  Output Frequency Range 0.10Hz400.00Hz
Frequency Setting Resolution Digital input: 0.1Hz, analog input: 0.1% of maxium output frequency
Output Frequency Accuracy 0.1Hz
V/F Control Setting V/F curve to satisfy various load requirements.
Torque Control Auto increase: auto raise torque by loading condition; Manual increase; enable to set 0.020.0% of raising torque.
Multifunctional Input Terminal Four multi-function input terminals, realizing functions including fifteen section speed control, program running, four-section acceleration/deceleration speed switch, UP/DOWN function and emergency stop and other functions.
Multifunctional Output Terminal 1 multi-function output terminals for diaplaying of running, zerospeed, counter, external abnormity, program operation and other information and warnings.
Accleration/  deceleration Time Setting 0999.9s acceleration/deceleration time can be set individually.
Other functions PID Control Built-in PID control
RS485 Standard RS485 communication function (MODBUS)
Frequency Setting Analog input: 0 to 10V, 4 to 20mA can be selected;                             Digital input: Input using the setting dial of the operation panel or RS485 or UP/DOWN.                                                                                       Note: AV1 terminals can be used to select an analog voltage input (0-10V) and an analog current input (4-20mA) through the switch J2.
Multi-speed Four multifunction input terminals, 15 section speed can be set. 
Automatic voltage regulation Automatic voltage regulation function can be selected.
Counter Built-in 2 group of counters
Protection/Warning Function Overload 150%, 60 second (Constant torque)
Over Voltage Over Voltage Protectation can be set.
Under Voltage Under Voltage protection can be set.
Other Protections Output shortcircuit, over current, an parameter lock and so on.
Environment Ambient Temperature "-10 to 40 " (non-freezng)
Ambient Humidity Max. 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude Lower than 1000m
Vibration Max. 0.5G
Structure Cooling Mode Forced air cooling
Protective Structure IP 20
Installation Wall-mounted or standard 35MM rail mounting

 Simple wood cutting, conveyer belt, wire drawing machine, etc.
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