Product Name:CV20 series AC Drives for industrial crane and hoist
Category:Frequency Inverter
CV20 series Variable Speed Drive offers more efficient and safe to industrial crane equiptments. The CV20 series variable frequency drives (VFD) provide the intelligence, performance, flexibility and safety for your crane applications. Wherever the cranes are installed, our wideworld service and support is always near.

Series CV20 AC drives with built-in crane control software, brake unit and range of safety functions help various types of cranes move efficiently. Our CV20 drives are an excellent choice for standalone cranes.
Input voltage,V
3 phase/ 380V
Power range, кW
3.7 - 450

CV20 series inverter special for hoisting is tailor-made for various severe application conditions in the hoisting industry, and it can easily solve technical and performance problems. CV20 adopts vector frequency conversion control technology, while maintaining excellent performance and function, from the perspective of lifting application, it is superior in terms of ease of use, maintainability, environmental protection, installation space and design standards to similar products. With high-performance current vector technology, it can easily drive asynchronous induction motors to meet the working requirements in various environments. Series CV20 Drive's can be solve applicaitons for small to complex crane. Safety. Performance. Efficiency. Speed.

Specially designed to control asynchronous motors for crane operations, such as hoisting, travel, and rotation
► High performance AC crane drive, open & closed loop, three phase
► Speed control accuracy: ±0.5% (SVC), ±0.02% (FVC)
► Overload: works stably under 110%; 150% for 60 seconds; 180% for 3 seconds
► Built-in braking unit in all models
► Leading flux closed-loop and open-loop low-frequency vector control algorithms
► Reliable time sequence logic of brake control, with braking failure detection & protection
► Light hook fast speed operation; anti-sway

The specific functions are as follows:
♦ Professional brake timing control
According to the frequency, output current and torque of the inverter, the brake release command will be output. When starting and stopping, keep the necessary torque to stabilize the cargo, and open the holding brake, and start and stop smoothly without slipping the hook to prevent the cargo from sliding down.
♦ Stroke limit control function
By the limit sensor input can prevent the hook from overtraveling and excessive hoisting.

♦ Light load speed increase adaptive
Through the light load speed-increasing function, the best running speed matching the load can be achieved. When the load is light, it allows automatic speed increase and improves efficiency, no auxiliary hook design is required, which can shorten the operating period of the crane with a long head.
♦ Intelligent anti-sway function
With built-in anti-sway function, so can suppress the shaking of the goods during translation. Since the load does not sway, it can be laid down faster, which is beneficial to shorten the operating cycle. CV20 drives with integrated sensorless control functionality enhance productivity and safety by avoiding sway in cranes.

♦ Open and Closed loop control
CV20 drives help to ensure excellent open-loop crane performance without encoders. Travel and hoist commissioning is simple. Droop control equalizes torque between the two motors operating in parallel. Closed loop control offers even better crane dynamics. We offer flexible encoder interfaces for broad component choice.
♦ Synchronous control function
High-precision control can be carried out according to the operating conditions of the machine, to achieve stable walking and operation. It can also equalize the load of each inverter, and can also eliminate the position deviation when two hoists are hoisted at the same time through closed-loop synchronous control.
♦ Parameter macro function
The function to select the purpose according to the crane action. Just select hoist, long travel, trolley and other uses, you can automatically set the necessary and unnecessary functions to be valid or invalid. The best parameters can be set simply for different purposes.
♦ Rope length detection function
The height information of the hook can be seen in the cab just by the inverter. When the wire rope reaches the set length, the collision with the lifting drum can be avoided by reducing the ascent and descent speed.
♦ Rapid deceleration function
By inputting a quick stop command through the terminal, it can perform rapid deceleration near the target position.
♦ Load holding function
When stopped, the load can be kept at the current position through zero-speed control. Close the brake when it is stable. (Valid closed loop)
♦ Overload detection function
Limit the operation of the inverter when the load exceeds the preset upper limit. Alarm display and lifting device stop can be set to prevent danger caused by overload operation.
♦ Maintenance reminder
Count the number of brake commands. It can be used as reference data for brake maintenance such as system inspection and parts replacement.
♦ Over torque detection function
The torque rise value is detected when the cargo accidentally contacts other objects. At this time, the motor can be automatically stopped to prevent accidents and improve safety.
♦ Self-tuning motor parameters
It can accurately identify asynchronous induction motors and achieve high-performance vector control; it can achieve accurate setting of motor parameters of long-distance power cables under load, and can automatically discriminate encoder signal directions under encoder conditions, simplifying the debugging process.
♦ Brake failure detection
When the stop brake is valid, the encoder is used to detect whether the brake is invalid. If it fails, the inverter is automatically started to maintain torque to prevent accidents. (Valid closed loop)

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- Bridge crane
- Overhead crane
- Process crane
- Rail-mounted gantry crane
- Rubber tired gantry crane, RTG crane
- Goliath crane
- Grab crane
- Ship to shore crane (STS crane), container crane, port crane
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