Product Name:ZT series HVLS fan Drives
Category:Frequency Inverter

High-performance vector control, adopts international leading field-oriented vector control technology, operates permanent-magnet synchronous motor control. According to the characteristics of industrial fans, the parameters are specially optimized, and perfect low-speed response.




- Multi-function, smooth start, ultra-quiet, small size, easy operation, energy saving and other advantages
- High carrier design, up to 12k
- Integration of drive and peripheral electrical equipment; flexible and compact; eliminating cabinet.
- Support a variety of expansion communication GPRS.
- Integrated VFD, rotary switch, digital potentiometer and start button. No need for manual assembly, wiring and use.
- Have a variety of protection mechanisms to deal with external accidents.


Item Specification
Max. frequency  0~600 Hz
Carrier frequency  0.5 ~ 16 Hz
Input frequency resolution  Digital setting: 0.01 Hz
Analog setting: max. frequency x 0.025%
Control mode Sensorless flux vector control (SVC)
Closed loop vector control (FVC)
Startup torque 2.0 Hz / 100% (SVC)  0 Hz / 200%(FVC)
Speed range  1:50 (SVC)  1:1000 (SVC)
Speed stability  ±0.5% (SVC)  ±0.02% (FVC)
Overload capacity  60s for 150% of rated current; 3s for 180% of rated current.

 industrial fans, HVLS fan, permanent-magnet synchronous motor
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