Product Name:Braking Unit
Category:Power Electronics
The function of the DBU braking unit is to divert into a braking resistor the regenerative energy produced in the process of decelerating the motor, converting that energy into heat. Regenerative energy flows from the motor into the inverter DC Bus, manifested as increased bus voltage. The advantage gained using the DBU is improved braking performance and shorter deceleration time of the load.


The braking unit in the DBU series is applied to consume in the braking resistor the regenerative energy produced in the deceleration process of the motor in the form of heat energy. In this way, the braking performance of the transducer is improved and the braking time of the transducer is reduced.


1. Safety: The tripping function of the equipment against IGBT short circuit and breakdown can effectively avoid the hidden danger of fire caused by the breakdown of IGBT and the overload operation of the resistor in a long time.

2. Wide Compatibility: The special design of this braking unit allows for the usage of common resistance rather than the non-inductive resistance. It can be adjusted to adapt to 600V-760V DC chopper wave voltage. Furthermore, this device is used in various types of medium and low voltage transducer. (Specially designed product reaches up to 1200V) 

3. Economy: This facility is characterized by high performance cost ratio. With relatively economical price, its quality is same as that of similar imported products. It is therefore considered as the most economical and practical component product for the braking unit of the transducer. 

4. A book-type design is employed in this braking unit which can be installed in a parallel connection with zero clearance. It is recommended that it can be connected in parallel with 3 units at most. 


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