Product Name:Load Bank Resistors
Category:Power Electronics

The Load Bank Resistors in the BRU series is composed of several wirewound resistors. This Load Bank Resistors is suitable for the dynamic braking circuit of the transducer of high power and strong current braking equipment, testing equipment, elevator and crane. The working voltage of a routine product is 500V-2000V DC and the rated power ranges from 1KW to 10KW.


1. Rated power range: 2.4KW-20KW
2. Operating voltage range: <800V
3. Resistance range: 1R-1KR
4. Electric strength: AC 3KV 50Hz 5S
5. IP Grade: IP20/IP23
6. Vibration: 0.5g
7. Range of temperature excursion: ≤400ppm/℃
8. Material of the current carrier: 0Cr25AL5
9. Advantages: relatively bad working environment
10. Disadvantages: relatively low operating voltage, <800

frequency inverter for lift ( elevator), elevator, crane, test equipment
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