Product Name:Three-phase input & output filter
Category:Power Electronics
This three-phase input filter is characterized by favorable interference rejection capability. It is mainly used in the data processing system, telecommunication system, transducer and power supply cleaning which requires the application of strong interference suppressor. 
The output AC reactor is mainly used for the smoothing filtering. By reducing the transient voltage dv/dt, it extends the service-life of the electrical machine. This equipment is also applied to reduce the noise of the electrical machine, the eddy-current loss and the leak current caused by the output of the higher harmonic. Moreover, it is also employed to protect the power switching components inside the inverter.

Three-phase input filter
Three-phase output filter
Rated Voltage: 440/250V AC
Testing Voltage (1 minute): Line to line 1500 V DC
Line to Ground 1500V AC/2500V DC
Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz
Range Of Temperature: -25-85℃
Insulation Resistance: Line to ground (up to 300A) ≥ 1500MΩ

Based on different operating frequency, clients can reasonably choose the magnetic materials (such as silicon steel sheet, ferrite, amorphous iron core and magnetic powder core) as the raw material of this product. 
The excellent performance of this equipment is due to the foil winding structure, low DC resistance, strong resistance to electromagnetic force and good overload ability in short time. F and above class composite insulating materials are used to ensure the reliable performance of the output AC reactor under harsh working conditions; The advantages of the design includes low magnetic flux density, high linearity and good overload capacity. Moreover, the cooperation of the design and the vacuum pressure impregnation process ensures the low noise of the product.

Technical Parameters
1. Rated operating voltage: 220-1140VAC; 50/60Hz
2. Rated operating current: 3A to1600A
3. Operating environment temperature: -25~+45 ℃, Relative humidity less than 90%
4. Dielectric strength: Core-Winding 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10S 
No flashover breakdown (factory test)
5. Insulation Resistance≥1000VDC, insulation resistance value≥100MΩ
6. Noise of the reactor is ≤ 65dB (tested at the point with a horizontal distance of 1 meter away from the reactor)
7. Drop: <4% larger than this range will cause loss of torque
8Maximum current: 1.5 × rated current for 60S
9. Level of protection: IP00-IP22
10. Insulation grade: Above F,H
1. Limit dv / dt to 500V/us
2. Limit the over-voltage at the motor terminals to
1000V to 400V~(value rms)
1150Vto 460V~(value rms)
3. Open interference between the filter and the motor  
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