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German customers visited NIETZ ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
Posted by:【Nietz Electric Co.,Ltd】     On:【2014-01-28】
 On 16th January, 2014 German customers visited NIETZ ELECTRIC CO., LTD. This customer is a large centrifugal pump manufacturer in Germany. He is strongly interested in NIETZ’s inverter specially for the water pump, Universal Series NZP, NZC and IP65 series. The two sides held friendly meeting. According to customer’s special requirements NIETZ ELECTRIC CO., LTD had a deep discuss. After solving the problems, they visited production workshop, assembly workshop , quality control department, laboratory and some advanced production and testing equipment.

Customers gave a high evaluation to the appearance and the quality of the inverter. Then the two sides signed a letter of intent and purchase contract.

It opens up a vast space for NIETZ to sale inverter in the German market.

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