Product Name:NC series 2, 3 Phase Digital Stepping Drivers
Category:Motores paso a paso, AC, BLDC Motors & Drives
The Series NC series 2, 3 Phase low-voltage stepping motor drivers, using the latest 32-bit DSP technology. Users can set microsteps within 25600steps/rev., and any current value within rated current range. The driver greatly improves stability and reduces noise under low subdivision. Automatic parameter tuning is integrated inside this driver, can help driver automatically adjust to best operation parameters to maximize performance of different stepper motors.
Spetification of NC Series 2 and 3 Phase Digital Stepping Motor Drivers
- Adoption of 32-bit DSP, pure sine wave subdivision technology
- Low-noise, low-vibration and low temperature rising
- Voltage 20-80VDC / 180-230VAC
- With 8 stalls output current setting, current range 0.5-8.2A
- Suitable for stepper motors with flanges 35~110mm
- With 4 stalls microstep subdivision setting
 - Automatic half current, self-test, over voltage, under voltage, over current protection
processing and testing,semiconductor packaging, laser cutting and welding, laser phototypesetting, packaging machinery, engraving machines, marking machines, cutting machines, clothing plotter, CNC machine tools, automation Assembly equipment. Low noise, high-speed performance and cost-effective competition, the field of choice.
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