Product Name:Przetwornik ciśnienia
Category:Komponenty automatyki przemysłowej
Przetworników ciśnienia określa się często także proste czujniki ciśnienia lub transmitery ciśnienia. 
Przetworniki ciśnienia (przetworniki procesowe) firmy NIETZ są uniwersalne i nadają się do różnych funkcji pomiarowych dla różnych rodzajów zastosowania. 
Compact pressure transmitter combined with all the latest available technologies of the modern electronic pressure measurement fields. The sensor adopts full-automatic linear and temperature compensation technology to ensure the efficiency and quality of mass production. Fully-sealed and isolated air cavity design to ensure the long term reliability. Signal transmitting module adopts original calibration technology to realize parameters setting easily without any tools.

• Excellent long-term stability, cost-effective products
• Powerful compact appearance, provide the highest cost-effective pressure measuring solutions.
• Pressure impact tests and time drift tests to ensure constant quality.
• Adopts patent pressure sensor technology, flexibly face all kinds of challenges of working conditions.
• Original calibration technology, realize parameters setting easily without any tools.
• Strong transient voltage resistance inside, easily cope with surge voltage.
• Measuring range: 2kPa-40MPa
• Output signal: 4-20mA, 4-20mA+HART, 0-5VDC, Modbus-RTU/RS485, others
• Reference accuracy: ±0.1% URL, optional ±0.075% URL
• Process connection: M20*1.5(M), G1/2(M), G1/4 (M), 1/2-14NPT(M)
• Measuring medium: Liquid, gas, or steam
• Media temperature: -30-80℃
• Electrical connection: DIN43650, IP65; M12*1(4 pins), IP67
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