Product Name:NZ3000 Seria - Specjalnie dla kompresor powietrza
 - Energy-saving and stable
- Have a stable operation, small size
- Controlling system of colorful touching screen
- Decreasing the times of repair
- Inverter control of the cooling fan (optional)
- Avoiding the loss on unnecessary power
- A wider range of working frequency and low noise
  NZ3000 series VFD can adjusting the rotary speed according to the needed quantity of air and it can save more energy compared to the machine without the inverter to control its rotary speed. Besides, comparing with the general-used machine with an inverter, equipped with high-efficient permanent-magnet motor can save the 6%~7% of the energy, especially  in the area of low loading, its outstanding control range and structure can show obvious   advantage in energy-conservation. Compared with the common power frequency air compressor, magnetic variable frequency air compressor which can play the highest energy efficiency in a wide range will save the energy of 42%.

Features & advantages
- Energy-saving and stable- Have a stable operation, small size- Controlling system of colorful touching screen- Decreasing the times of repair- Inverter control of the cooling fan (optional)- Avoiding the loss on unnecessary power- A wider range of working frequency and low noise

Technical data

Item specification
Basic control functions Control mode Open loop and vector control, V / F control
Maximum frequency Open loop and vector control0500Hz, V / F control:  03200Hz
Carrier frequency 0.5kHz16kHz, the carrier frequency is automatically adjusted based on the load features
Input frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01Hz / Analog setting: maximum frequency is x 0.025%
Start-up torque 0.5 Hz/150%
Speed range 0.111111111
Speed stability accuracy ± 0.2% (SFVC)
Torque control accuracy ±10%
Overload capacity 60s for 150% of the rated current, 3s for 180% of the rated current.
Torque boost Fixed boost; Customized boost 0.1%–30.0%
V/F  curve Straight-line V/F curve; Multi-point V/F curve; N-power V/F curve (1.2-power, 1.4-power, 1.6-power, 1.8-power, square)
V/F separation Two types: complete separation, half separation
Ramp mode Straight-line ramp; S-curve ramp; Four groups of acceleration/deceleration time with the range of 0.0–6500.0s
Communication methods RS485
JOG control JOG frequency range: 0.00–50.00 Hz; JOG acceleration/deceleration time: 0.0–6500.0s
Built-in PID It realizes process-controlled closed loop control system easily.
Auto voltage regulation (AVR) It can keep constant output voltage automatically when the main voltage changes.
Frequency source Digital setting
Input and output interfaces Analog Input 2 pressure sensor: 4 ~ 20mA input; 
2 temperature sensor: PT100
Digital input 5 digital input; 1 PTC circuit protection (compatible with normal digital inputs)
Digital Output 2 normally open relay output (built 220VAC voltage)
LED diode display Standard 3 LED display
Protection Motor overheating protection (PTC), the power-to-ground short-circuit protection, inverter’s protection in over-current, overload, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, output phase, communication fault, fault current detection, EEPROM write failure and so on..
Fan Drive 15-55kW master drive: 1.5kW ; 75-160kW master drive: 2.2kW
Environment Installation location Indoor, free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil smoke, vapor, drip or salt.
Altitude Lower than 1000 m
Ambient temperature -10°C 40°C (Downshift if the ambient temperature is between 40°C and 50°C)
Humidity Less than 95%RH, without condensing
Vibration Less than 5.9 m/s2 (0.6 g)
Storage temperature -20°C60°C

Typical cases 
NZ3000 Seria - Specjalnie dla kompresor powietrza
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