Product Name:Direct Drive AC Motors - HVLS fan
Category:Serwosilniki & Elektrowrzeciono

Direct Drive Motors is a low speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC Motors (High Volume Low Speed) are the most common types of motors in industrial big ceiling fans (up to 7 m).


 ADVANTAGES of AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Servo motor
- The DD motor is small and lighter, high power density ( to 10kw/kg), large output torque.
- Permanent Magnet rotor design achieving the highest efficiency -
 values, wider torque/speed operating range
- Gearless, no gearbox to maintain due to direct driven fan, low noise, reduce losses, improves the transmission efficiency
- long service life, self-heat dissipation system; Truly maintenance-free
- More than 50 % energy saving 

Technical Features 

Item /Model  Unit D-IR-320-0025-A-O D-IR-320-60-A-O-H
Voltage VAC 220…480 220…480
Block torque (100K) Nm 69 160
Block current (100K) Arms 2.8 2.3
Rated current (100K) W 696 1.3
Rated rotary r/min 70 70
Rated torque( 100K) Nm 95 220
Rated current(100k) Arms 3.8 3.1
Max allowed rotary (mechanical) r/min 200 200
Peak torque Nm 170 387
Peak current Arms 6.2 5.5
Peak torque turning point (400VAC) r/min 55 35
Poles number Poles 56 56
Torque constant (100K) Nm/A 24.8 71.1
Voltage constant (20 ℃) V/1krp 2010 4727.3
Winding resistance (20 ℃)  Ω 11 19.8
Winding inductance (20 ℃) mH 112 232
Moment of inertia ( without brake) kgm2 0.08 0.24
Weight of motor ( without brake) kg  25 41.5
Connector of power type  IP67 IP67
Connector of Feedback    /   / 
Seal of axis   Not  Not 
Sensor of temperature   PTC130 PTC130
Suitable for fan blades length  less 5 5.4~7.2


From agriculture to the industrial sector, the Big Fan Range is versatile and is ideal for large enclosed areas such as gyms, stables, shopping malls or warehouses.

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