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Professional distribution of solar inverter from Indian visited our company
Posted by:【Nietz Electric Co.,Ltd】     On:【2016-04-19】
  In July 2013, the professional distribution of solar inverter from Indian visited our company. According to the special requirement of the technician from the inverter , we held the deeply communication and discussion . Meanwhile got the High evaluation and intention cooperation according to the exquisite craft and innovation idea .After confirmation , we finished signing the arrangement .

Solar energy converter is a high efficiency conversion products. It uses widely for the Solar energy water supply system, Solar blower pump, Various speed machinery, Ordinary three-phase squirrel induction motor and etc .

The solar inverter from NIETZ has the advantage as follow:

Suitable for outdoor solar panels pumping control

suitable for the centrifugal water pump immersible pump borehole pump etc for the Ordinary three-phase squirrel induction motor

It can be stopped working when the voltage is low . As the voltage is on regular ,it will be started automatically

Water pump with anti dry protection function and the control terminal

for pool full stop pump

All coating, to adapt the variety of harsh environment

soft start ,soft stop ,speed adjustable 0-50HZ

power range0.75~250KW       
The output frequency range

Input of Single-phase dc power /output of three-phase voltage:
DC160V/AC110V  ,  DC310V/ AC220V  ,DC540V/AC380V

We believe in the professional quality assurance, it must can be created a highly efficient cooperation with the international development trend
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