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Sep-2013, 8th international Exhibition and Conference Automation 2013,Mumbai
Posted by:【Nietz Electric Co.,Ltd】     On:【2013-11-27】
 Sep-2013, 8th international Exhibition and Conference Automation 2013,Mumbai.In this exhibition, NIET ELECTRIC CO.,LTD showed a new generation of frequency converter. In the quality, function and the saving of the product getting the large improvement. 

It is large used in the field of food industry ,packing machinery, material handling/transmission system and HVAC heating ventilation and air conditioning system of IP65 series. 

It is used in Pumps and water systems in the solar inverter. In addition to the inverter .NIETZ ELECTRIC CO.,LTD also show the servo system and Servo reducer in the exhibition. It is attracted many clients to visit and consult.
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