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2013 WIN Automation-Istanbul -NIETZ
Posted by:【Nietz Electric Co.,Ltd】     On:【2016-04-19】
2013 WIN Automation-Istanbul -NIETZ 
     In Mar-2013.Turkey International Automation Exhibition (WIN Automation-Istanbul 2013) was held in Istanbul . It is the largest and the most authoritative Automation Exhibition in Turkey. The area of this exhibition was over than 120000 square meter totally .Nearly thousands of enterprises from the world in dozens of countries joined it . More than 50% is the international exhibitors. The fields through from the hydraulic and pneumatic, industrial automation and parts, electric energy and logistics and others. There are more than 1100000 professional persons visited us.
We showed low and medium voltage inverter , servo system in this exhibition .Our company got the great shinning and also attract a large number of peers and visiting guests .There are a large of number of people come to visit us. And also show the big interesting in our product

 NIETZ launched a grand listing of the new NZE series inverter. And we show the advanced technology and reliable quality.

  Issued by the Turkish Automation Exhibition of new products and NZE series. It makes NIETZ got the huge development in the Turkey market . NIETZ hopes to use its own technology and product advantages, to make their due contribution for the automation industry and economic development 
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