Product Name:SSA Série Démarreur progressif de moteur
Category:Démarreur progressif de moteur
Series SSA intelligent Digital soft starter is small size, integral bypass contactor, including with RS485 communications, metering, monitoring and diagnostics , Comprehensive protection functions, high performance and reliability. Nietz soft starter ‎provides a perfect solution for customers.

Input voltage,V
Power range, кW
AC380, 660, 1140V
7.5 - 500
 Features Data of the motor soft starter: 

- Intelligent, digital, compact design and  High reliability.

- Automatic discerns phase sequence and protection function.
- Communications RS485, built in bypass contactor.
- Output signal: Analog.
- Reduce AC motor starting current, reduce electricity distribution capacity to lower investment
- Comprehensive protection functions: over current, over load, over heat and Default Phase of input and output.
- Extend service life of mechanical equipment, reduce equipment maintenance and enhance economic benefit.
Specification Series SSA 

Motor power, kW AC 380V 
Rating current, A SSA series
7.5 18 SSA-008-3
15 30 SSA-015-3
22 45 SSA-022-3
30 60 SSA-030-3
37 75 SSA-037-3
45 90 SSA-045-3
55 110 SSA-055-3
75 150 SSA-075-3
90 180 SSA-090-3
110 220 SSA-110-3
132 260 SSA-132-3
160 320 SSA-160-3
187 375 SSA-187-3
200 400 SSA-200-3
250 480 SSA-250-3
280 550 SSA-280-3
320 620 SSA-320-3
400 780 SSA-400-3
450 850 SSA-450-3
500 1000 SSA-500-3

The reliable function and quality is the basic of the best service. even more, NIETZ can supply the special designing and functions of product matched to your need, timely and perfect application consulting service.
 widely used in fans, pumps, conveyor, compressor etc. 

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