Product Name:CF520 Integrated Drive for Construction Hoists
Category:Frequency Inverter
CF520 Series Construction lift integrated controller is specially customized for the construction elevator industry. They integrate motor drive inverters, energy-consuming braking and brake control units and elevator logic control units.

 The Basic features of CF520 Integrated AC Drives for Contruction Hoists

* It is high performance, cost effective, small size, beautiful appearance, easy installation in the cage.
* “Safety chain” control loop hardware, the brake control adopts two-way contacts of the main contactor and the logic control unit relay to ensure the safety and reliability of the product.
* Excellent low-frequency torque capacity and special brake holding program, achieve "zero" speed opening and closing with small impact, comfort start-stop.
* The wiring of various limit switches, driver's console, operation box outside the cage, and drop test box have special terminals and aviation plugs, which are clearly marked and convenient for installation and maintenance.
* During frequent jog operation, no vibration or sliding 
* Built-in electric bell, lifting weight limiter, brake unit
* With function of automatic leveling, voice broadcast, and optional GPRS 
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