Product Name:NZSV Series IP65 - Sensorless Vector Control
Category:Frequency Inverter
Offer exemplary performance even in extreme environments. Adapt to humidity, splashheavy dust harsh environment. It can prevent dust of other thing from entering inverter totally. Completely protected against jets of waterheavy waves. 
Input voltage,V
Power range, кW
3 phase/ 380 V
0.75 - 110

The NZSV series IP65 frequency inverters are sensorless vector variable speed drives in a power range 0.75 to 110kW suitable for mounting in wet of dirty areas without a panel.

NZSV IP65 can be wall mounted in dusty, dirty and damp environments, even with low pressure jets, saving panel space and cost.

High-tech motor control concept, based on advanced DSP technology
Drive optimization by smart, precise sensorless vector control algorithm.
High starting torque at low speed, high precisiontorque performance, adjustable to all different kind of load characteristics
Speed / torque control modes
Sensorless vector control

Vertical Mounting:
Application industry
NZSV series inverters can be used in harsh conditions, it can completely protected against jets of waterheavy waves. This series are widely used in the industries of process-automation, machine-tools, fanpumps, building automation, material handling, automotive, textile, dyeing, printing, packaging, robotics, centrifugal, woodprocessing, foodbeverage, cemical industry, oilgas, public-community, steel-mill, miningretrofit.
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