Product Name:NZV series General-Purpose Vector Control inverter
Category:Frequency Inverter

NZV series General-Purpose Vector Control inverter. It adopts the DSP control system supplies sensorless vector control and V/f control. The performance is more perfect and stable. It is widely applied in Pump & Fan and some applications with high speed control accuracy, rapid torque response and high performance at low frequency.

Input Votage,V
Power range, kW
380 V
0.75 - 1000

Technical Feature of NZV series 

Model NZV
Input Rated voltage,Frequency 3 AC 380V. 47-63Hz;                                                            
1/3 AC 220V 47-63 Hz.;
Voltage Range  380V ±15%;                                            
Output Output Voltage Range 1rated input voltage
Output Frequency Range 0600.0 Hz
Control method V/F control,Sensorless Voctor control
Technic Overload Capacity 150% rated current in 60 s.; 180% rated current in 10 s
Start Torque 0.5 Hz/150% with vector senserless control
Aljustment Ratio 1:100 with vector senerless control
   Speed Control Accuracy 0.5~15 KHz
Termianl Programmable Digital input 4 terminals
  Programmable Analog input FIV:0~10V,FIC:0~10V or 0~20mA
Coupling Output 1 Set
Relay Output 1 Set, 2-nd relay output is optional
Analog Output 1 Set-option of 4~20mA/0~10V
Function Frequency Setting Digital,Analog,Series communication,Multi-speed,PID,etc.
PID Function Built in
Multi-speed Function 8 speeds
Adjustable Frequency Stable fraquency
Off Power Keep running in power off instantly
Jog Key Function Multi-function setting by Users
Voltage Adjustment Auto maintain output voltage stable in changing of power
Failure Protection 25 types of failure protection:over current,over voltage,low voltage,over heat,short phase,over load,etc

u  Plastic&chemical fiber extrusion machinery

u  Metal processing machine

u  The main transmission equipment of building materials,such as cement and glass.

u  Plastic machine

u  Wire&cable extrusion machinery

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