Product Name:Spindle Servo Motors - Asynchronous
Category:Servo & Spindle Motors
Equipped with high-precision encoders, higher positioning accuracy
New design, the use of closed cooling channel, lower temperature rise
High efficiency, low energy consumption, large power range
Constant power range wider, greater low-speed torque
Use new manufacturing process of intellectual, more stable performance


The high power density of the NY engine series makes them perfect for servo and main spindle applications, such as in machine tools, printing presses, or metal forming, flux vector type controllers in variable speed applications. The distinctive electromagnetic and mechanical design permits operation in constant power mode at maximum speeds of up to 12000 RPM. The efficient stator cooling system uses an auxiliary electrofan to combine the benefits of reduced dimensions and high, continuous, low-speed torque capability.

The main characteristics are:

* three-phase, 4 pole star winding with no access to neutral squirrel-cage rotor
* Rated power 0.75 ..... 315  kW
* Maximum speed nMax 3,000 ... 24,000 rpm
* Encoder systems for a wide and diverse range of applications
* construction with low losses laminated sheet
* Square form, compact, high, top speed capability
* Thermal protection by thermostat embedded in stator winding
* High overload capability
* Works environment, degree : -15 ~ 45
* Protection class IP55
* insulation class F 
* AC asynchronous spindle servo motor matched with the servo drive AMD



Widely used in cnc machine, machine tools,robot,petroleum, textile, printing, metallurgy,artillery, radar and other automatic control equipment.

Advertisement and engraving, wood engraving, digital control machine-tool, CNC machines, drilling center, engraving and milling machines, hobbing machine, slotting machine, horizontal machining center,line cutter, ultrasonic welder, water cutter, optical fiber glass stretcher, gantry crane system, food processing, package printing, paper board transport, textile print and dyeing, carpet weaver, spindle winder, medical equipment, artificial chew simulator, blood tester, CAT scanner, DNA tester, pacemeter, robot, etc.
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