Product Name:AMD Series - Special Inverter for spindle servo motor
Category:Frequency Inverter

AMD series spindle frequency inverter (VFD) is designed for numerical control machine of new type and high precision and it has new functions like positioning control, pulse synchronous control and so on. It supports close loop control towards the spindle motor with encoder. This drive has high respoonding ability towards speed as well as smooth speed.
    It can achieve various functions like warrant stop of spindle, rigid tapping, indexing positioning and so on by cooperating with different numerical control system.

The purpose-designed asynchronous servo axis optimized for asynchronous geared motors. Practical spectrum of functionalities for modern positioning and control drives. 


* Multi encoder support: it can support differential encoder; ABZ encoder UVW encoder; Resolver and so on.
* Power dip ride-through, load feedback energy compensates for any voltage reduction, allowing the drive to continue to operate for a short time during power dips.
* Overvoltage and overcurrent stall control: the system limits the output current and voltage automatically during operation to prevent frequent or excessive trips.
 * Torque limit and control: the system limits the torque automatically to prevent frequent overcurrent tripping during operation. Torque control is applied in vector control.
 * Onboard multiple preset position: the system implements up to 16 position by using simple PLC function or by using digital input signals.
Characteristic data

Items Specifications
 Maximum frequency  Vector control: 0~1000Hz 
 V/F control: 0~1500Hz
Matchable motor types  General asynchronous motor; Spindle asynchronous motor; Permanent Magnet synchronous motor; Spindle synchronous motor.
 Carrier frequency   0.8 kHz ~ 16 kHz
 It can adjust the carrier frequency automatically according to                                  the loading characteristics.
 The resolution ratio of input frequency  Digital setting: 0.01Hz
 Simulating setting : Maximum frequency ×0.025%
 Control mode  Open-loop vector control (SVC) 
 Close-loop vector control (FVC)
 V/F control
 Starting torque  G-Type machine : 0.5Hz/150%(SVC); 0Hz/180%(FVC)
 Speed regulating range  1:100 (SVC)  1:1000 (FVC)
 Precision of steady apeed  ±0.5%(SVC)  ±0.02%(FVC)
 Precision of torque control  ±5%(FVC)
 Overloading capacity  G-Type machine:150% of the rated current:  60s;                 
 180% of the rated currnet:  3s
 Lifting of the Torque   Automatic torque has been improved;
 Manual torque has been improved by 0.1%~30.0%
 V/F curve Three types of the V/F curve:linear type; multipoint type and N-th power type (1.2 powers, 1.4 powers, 1.6 powers, 1.8 powers and two powers of...)
 Curves of Acceleration and deceleration   Way of linear acceleration and deceleration;  Four types of times for acceleration and deceleration; Time ranges of acceleration and deceleration: 0.0~6500.0s
DC braking  The frequency of DC braking: 0.00Hz~ maximum frequency
 Time of braking: 0.0s~36.0s
 Current of braking action: 0.0%~100.0%
 Automatic rqgulation of voltage  (AVR)  It can keep the output voltage in a state of constant automactically   when the grid voltage changes.
 Function of fast current limiting It can decrease the over-current fault on a maximum extent, thus  protecting the normal operation of the spindle servo driver.

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