Product Name:SVC100 AC Servo Drives
Category:Servo Drives
The Servo drives  SVC100 is High precision, reliability; Anti-interference and self-protection are strong, high response. Cost effective; 
Power ranges: 0.1kW-3.5kW  
- High precision positioning, can reach 0.009
- High reliability, all use international brands IC
- Fast response frequency, strong overload capacity, no overshoot
- Low Frequency, large torque output
- Anti-interference and self-protection are strong
- The German instrument motor control dedicated floating-point processor, speed of operation is high to 150MHZ
- Support RS458, Can, USB etc, ports
- The ATE automatic detection System, the product quality is reliable
- Card type ultrathin structure, the appearance is beautiful, structure is compact.
- According to the customers requirement, develop to meet the needs of customers.

Spetification Servo Drives SVC100

Control ways 1.position control
2.speed control
3.torque control
4. Various combinations of control
Feedback type 1. Incremental square wave
2.cosine type
Using condition using/saving temperature 0~+55°C/20~+85°C
using/saving humidity less than 90%RH
Vibration resistance/Impact resistance 4.9m/s2/19.6m/s2
Performance speed control range 3.513888889
Speed changing ratio load changing ratio  0-100% load:less than 0.01%
voltage ratio rated voltage ±10%: 0%(in the rated speed)
temperature changing ratio 25±25°C: less than ±0.1%(in the rated speed)
Frequency performance 1KHz(JL = JM)
Torque control accuracy ±2%
Soft start time setting 0~10s
Input signal speed command and torque command input command voltage DC 10V variable setting range/rated speed or rated torqueInput voltage:maximum,positive instruction when motor rotates in the positive direction
Input impedance about 14kΩ
the circuit time constant about 47μs
Contact speed instruction Rotation direction selection using P action signal input
Speed selection using/SPD-A/SPD-B/SPD-D to choose motor direction rotation speed
Performance offset setting 0~450 r/min(Set the resolution 1 r/min)
feedback compensation 0~100%(Set the resolution 1%)
positioning completed width setting 0~250 instruction unit (Set the resolution 1 instruction unit)
Input signal instruction pluse input pluse kinds 1. Symbol+pluse sequence 2. CW+CCW pluse sequence
3. phase difference is 2 phase pluse (A phase and B phase)
Input pluse status Differential drive(5V);
Open collector(5V, 12V, 24V)
Input pluse Frequency Differential drive: maximum 1MHz
open collector: maximum 200kHz
control signal clear signal(input pluse status is the same as instruction pluse)
position output output status Aphase Bphase Zphase, Differential drive output
  requency division ratio any frequency division
input signal in order can conduct signal distribution's change servo ON,P action (or control mode switch,switch the motor’s positive rotation or reverse rotation by the internal speed setting,zero clamp,instruction pluse prohibited) prohibit positive drive(P-OT) prohibit reverse drive(N-OT),alarm reset,current limit at positive side, current limit at reverse side(Internal speed selection)
output signal in order fixed output servo alarm
can conduct signal distribution’s change select 3 signals from positioning completed(same speed),motor rotating,servo ready,current limiting,speed limiting, release the brake,alarm,NEAR signal
Dynamic brake function the main power OFF,servo alarm,servo OFF, action when overtravel
The electronic gear 0.001B/A4000
Protection function over current,lack voltage,overload, abnormal regeneration,main circuit detection abnormal, Heat sink overheat,power lack phase,overflow,overspeed,encoder abnormal,avoid the out of control,CPU abnormal,position offset,others
Analog monitoring functions built-in analog monitoring connector that can observe speed,torque instruction
Speed: 1V corresponding to 1000r/min
Torque: 1V/100% rated torque
Position offset pluse:0.05V/1 instruction unit or 0.05V/100 instruction unit
Communication function communication type CAN, RS485, USB
Shaft address setting set according to the user parameters
1: N communication RS-485 port can connect the maximum of 255 stations
Functions status display,the user parameters setting Monitoring display,alarm tracking display,JOG operation and automatic tuning operation,speed,torque instruction signal,etc
Others the origin retrieval, the motor’s automatic identification function. Power’s high harmonic suppression
- Machine tools( metal forming, CNC router, Laser cutting, Water jet, Wood processing)
- Textile machine; Packing machine; Printing machine; Electronics manufacturing equipment
- Industrial robot, manipulator; Hybrid, Die-casing machine, Injection molding machine, plastic extruding machine

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