Product Name:NZC Series Special Drive for Multi-pumps Water Supply
Category:Frequency Inverter

NZC Series Special Drive for Multi-pumps Water Supply

Series NZC is adopts the advanced control theory to adjust speed and switchover of pumps automatically according to the pressure of pipe net,so as to make the water pressure to be constant.Max. can be controled up to 4 water pump.


Power range,kW

3 phase/ 380V

5.5 ~ 475



Technical Features Series NZC

Model NZC
Input Rated voltage,Frequency 3 AC 380V. 50-60 Hz;                                                             
Voltage Range 380V: 330V440V;                                                                
Output Voltage Range 380 V: 0380 V;                                                                       
Frequency Range 0.10400.0 Hz
Control method V/F control,Space verctor control
Indication Operating status/Alarm definiton/interactive guidance;eg,frequency setting,the output frequecy/current,DC bus voltage,the temperature and so on.
Control Specification       Output Frequency Range 0.10400.00 Hz.
          Frequency Setting Resolution Digital input: 0.01 Hz.                                                   Analog input:0,1% of maximum output frequency
     Output Frequency Accuracy 0.01 Hz.
V/F Control Setting V/F curve to satisfy various load requirements
Torque Control Auto increase:auto riase torque by loading condition;Manual increase:enable to set 0.0~20% of raising torque
Multifuncional Input Terminal 8 multi-function input terminals,realizing fuctions including fifteen section speed control,program running, four-section acceleration/deceleration speed switch,UP/DOWN function and emergency stop and other functions
Multifuntional Output Terminal 3 multi-function output terminals for displaying of running,zerospeed,counter,external abnormity,program operation and other infornation and warnings
8 пунктов для водоснабжения,1 ПЧ совершает подключение 4 насосов,
Acceleration/deceleration Time Setting 0~6000 s acceleration/deceleration time can be set individually
Other functions PID Control Built-in PID control
RS485 Standard RS485 communication function (MODBUS)
Frequency Setting Analog input 010V, 020мА, can be selected; Digital input: input using the setting dial of the operation panel or RS 485 or UP/DOWN
Multi-speed Eight multifunction input terminals,15 section speed can be set
Automatic voltage regulation Automatic voltage regulation function can be selected
Counter Built-in 2 group of counters
  Overload 150%,60 second(Constant torque);120%,60second (variable torque)
Over Voltage Over voltage protection can be set
Under Voltage Under voltage protection can be set
Other Protections Overheat,output shortcircuit,over current,and parameter lock and so on.
Environment Ambient Temperature –10~40(no-freezing)
Ambient Humidity Max. 95% (no-condensing)
Altitude Lower than 1000м.
Vibration Max. 0.5 g
Structure Cooling Mode Forced air cooling
Protective Structure IP 20
Mode  Wall mounted;

l  Constant pressure water-supply for housing estate

l  Centralized water or heat supply

l  Water processing,feedwater and pressurize and constant pressure oil transmission.

l  Air conditioner for large buildings

l  Process water and recycling water of industrial and mining enterprise and
the industrial boiler water-supply system,etc.

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