Special Variable Speed Inverters use in winding machine
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Winders are used heavily in textile manufacturing, especially in preparation to weaving where the yarn is wound onto a bobbin and then used in a shuttle. Ball winders are another type of winder that wind the yarn up from skein form into balls. Ball winders are commonly used by knitters and occasionally spinners.
Automation winders
Winders have a center roll (a bobbin, spool, reel, belt-winding shell, etc.) on which the material is wound up. Often there are metal bars that travel through the center of the roll, and are shaped according to their intended purpose. A circular bar facilitates greater speed, while a square bar provides a greater potential for torque. Edge sensors are used to sense how full the center roll is. They are mounted on adjustable slides to accommodate many different widths, as the width increases as the center roll is filled. The sensitivity of the sensor depends on the required speed of operation.

Main functions of AC Inverter Nietz for Winders:
1. broken yarn from the stop function Hall fault detection function: When the Hall element failure, the inverter for 5 seconds can not receive the pulse signal, the inverter automatically shut down and display the prompt message

2. stepless speed control function, suitable for elastic yarn, but also to prevent the impact of the yarn surface pull off.

3. with PI adjustment function, can achieve closed-loop constant linear speed control function.


4. at the same time also has a full stop, full yarn instructions, power-down memory function and the starting frequency, the termination frequency setting function, allows you to more easily control the winding machine precision operation.  

5. Constant linear speed control, is based on the diameter of the pressure roller PI control of the spinning speed of the roller to constant speed, constant speed to achieve the purpose of the pulse Hall sensor mounted on the roller.
6. Frequency increasing speed needs two frequency converters, one inverter drives the spinning motor at constant speed, another inverter uses speed increasing speed control over feeding motor to feed yarn, which can improve the spinning efficiency.

7. Three kinds of tension adjustment control: through the PI for tension adjustment; voltage decreasing tension adjustment; external control to adjust the tension. Tension control is mainly to control the tension of the yarn, if the tension control is good, spun yarn can be moderate elastic.

8. During operation, the current spinning length can be displayed cyclically, and the spinning length and current running frequency can be set. The use of the products produced by the appearance of spindles, winding capacity, suitable for the production of the drum-type and tight-cylinder.

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