NZ3000 series VFD - special solution in air compressor
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NZ3000 series VFD of the high-efficient permanent-magnet motor

 The NZ3000 series drives can adjusting the rotary speed according to the needed quantity of air and it can save more energy compared to the machine without the inverter to control its rotary speed. Besides, comparing with the general-used machine with an inverter, equipped with high-efficient permanent-magnet motor can save the 6%~7% of the energy, especially in the area of low loading, its outstanding control range and structure can show obvious advantage in energy-conservation. Compared with the common power frequency air compressor, magnetic variable frequency air compressor which can play the highest energy efficiency in a wide range will save the energy of 42%.

Features and advantages
1. Have a stable operation
   It does not have the mechanical loss caused by leather belt and gear wheel. It has a compact structure. Neodymium boron permanent magnet of high-efficiency is used in the permanent-magnet machine, it will not lose its magnetism even under 120℃ and has a longer time of usage. Corona resistant enamel covered wire specialized for inverter is used in the stato coils, thus having a better capability of insulation and a longer time of usage.
2. Controlling system of colorful touching screen
   The controlling system is dynamic and fully intelligent, it can dynamically show the working situation of every parts in the compressor and can show the working curve of voltage and temperature in the real-time and intuitive way. It has a super big internal storage of 8M Flash ROM+16M SDRAM and can store thousands of historical failures. The standard screen has TFT of seven inches. It have passed the CE certification and accord with the FCC Class A. It can achieve the intelligent control, speed changing control, automobile adjusting of the air quantity, loading start-up, elimination of current surge and lengthen the using time of composing parts, thus improving the reliability of the system greatly.
3. Energy-saving and stable
   High-efficient permanent-magnet motor is more energy-saving compared with the common frequency-changed host machine, especially under the condition of low rotary speed, the former one can still keep a high motor efficiency. The responding speed of synchronous motor is quite quick, it performs well in the exhaust response and can realize the soft-start.The current of motor will not exceed the current of full loading during operation and at the same time, it can reduce the pound to the power grid equipment and will not cause the   damage to the electrical appliances.
4. Small size
   The size of the motor is small. The size of common frequency-changed motor is three times bigger than it so the dismounting and mounting would be very convenient.
5. Inverter control of the cooling fan (optional)
     The cooling fan is controlled by the inverter so that 50% of the energy can be saved. The revolution of the fan is controlled according to the exhaust temperature, thus saving the electricity. At the same time, the durability is enhanced due to the temperature of the system and whole parts have been stabilized. Besides, the noise can be further decreased after the inverter have been used in the fan.
6. Avoiding the loss on unnecessary power
  The pressure sensor can sense the pressure at the exhaust port and then send the signal to the PLC, the PLC can control the output frequency according to the value of pressure comes from the pressure sensor. The frequency can be decreased when the voltage is big and the frequency can be increased when the voltage is small, so that the pressure can be always stable. The compressor can control the rotary speed of the permanent-magnet motor by inverter, thus composing a frequency-changed and loop-closed controlling system. Achieving the stable voltage in air supply, using more then producing more,using less then producing less, no using then stop and when using, then soft-start to produce the air. Avoiding the loss on unnecessary power totally.
7. A wider range of working frequency and low noise
  The frequency changes from 25% to 100%. The bigger fluctuation in the system gas consumption, the more obvious of the effects in energy-saving. Besides, the operating noise is small so that it can be used in any situations.
8.Decreasing the times of repair
   It has equipped with the newest screw rotor which can be semi-permanently used. It will not need a big scale of repair until 10 years later considering the best so that the customers’ needs on long period of maintenance can be achieved. It has the oil quality of high-efficiency and longevity and do not have the structure of suction adjusting valve.

Typical cases 
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